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Introduction to Barista Skills

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Workforce Development courses in the Brighton council area are on the rise, with many young people taking advantage of recent training courses designed to get them ready-for-work.

Responsible Service of Alcohol, Barista, White Card and Gaming Licences are running throughout the months of April/May as part of a new project to match job seekers with the skills employers are calling out for.

The project is backed by Brighton in conjunction with three other Councils across the south of the state and is aimed at high school students, employees and job seekers alike.

Southern Central Workforce Development Coordinator Anthony McConnon says people from all walks of life are welcome to get trained.
“Our training courses are a wonderful mix of skilled professionals and young people just starting out in the workforce. We encourage anyone who needs upskilling to get in touch, to have a go and gain a useful qualification.”

He also notes that the key to success is a difference in approach.
“I believe our model has worked so well because we go to businesses first. We ask businesses owners what training they need, and then we establish a course to meet that need. It’s a very effective way of keeping your finger on the pulse and addressing the real demands of the community.”

Small business owners are also getting in on the action too, with opportunities to pass on their knowledge as a trainer. Sam Whang-Randall, owner and operator of Maxie Coffee in Kingston, recently ran a Barista course in Kempton to much success.

Future hopes for the project include a dedicated premises and small bus service to assist participants who have limited means of travelling to and from courses. School-based training is also on the cards with a White Card day course created for high school students in the region.

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