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Area Connect

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About The Company

How does Jobs and Training Transport work?

Area Connect Jobs and Training Transport can help you get to work, trade training centres and other vocational training programs.

Our Coordinators will work with you (or your service provider) to determine the best possible service we can provide. Our minibus will usually travel a designated route, collecting passengers from identified pick-up points, and carry you to a suitable contact point to connect with public transport, or possibly take you directly to your destination if suitable public transport doesn’t exist. Where our vehicles are fully booked, the Area Connect team will endeavour to remove the transport barrier by working with our transport partners.

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Expression of interest

Please submit your basic details below to express your interest in connecting with this service. A SWN staff member will be in touch shortly to provide further information and assistance.

Further Information

If you wish to enquire further, please contact Anthony McConnon (Project Manager) on 0418 365 541 or at to discuss.

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